How Often Should I Update My WordPress Site? 

Expert Tips To Update WordPress Site


With so many businesses and eCommerce companies having WordPress websites today, we’re often asked how often WordPress sites should be updated. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, after all, each business is unique, we recommend you perform regular website maintenance on your WordPress site by updating it any time there is an official WordPress update or your WordPress themes or plugins are updated or experiencing bugs.

The Three Main Reasons for Regular WordPress Updates

There are three main reasons why we recommend regular WordPress updates – security concerns, bug fixes, and new features. We’ll discuss these reasons for performing regular website maintenance on your WordPress site below.

  • Perform WordPress Updates to Keep Your Site Secure

Since WordPress is ubiquitous, many cybercriminals target it. WordPress knows this, which is why it releases regular WordPress updates to stop would-be-hackers from accessing your website and getting your private information. To keep your WordPress website as secure as possible, you should always install new WordPress updates whenever they are released.

  • Update WordPress Themes and Plugins for Bug Fixes

WordPress, and WordPress themes and plugins, contain bugs. No matter how much a developer devotes to quality assurance to avoid issues, applications, and plugins will always have bugs. Some bugs may even interfere with your WordPress site’s appearance, usability, or eCommerce functionality. For this reason, we recommend you always look for updates if you are experiencing what you think is a bug (and report the bug to the developer if there’s no update available), whenever WordPress updates are released (including updates for WordPress themes and plugins), and that you periodically check for updates as well. 

  • Regularly Perform WordPress Updates to Take Advantage of New Features, Including Those Found in Your WordPress Themes and Plugins

The great thing about WordPress developers is that they’re always innovating and adding new features to their WordPress themes and plugins. New WordPress themes are constantly being created or modified, as are WordPress plugins. To keep your WordPress site as aesthetically appealing, functional, and up-to-date as possible and to take advantage of new WordPress themes and features in WordPress plugins, you want to regularly perform WordPress updates, even if you aren’t experiencing any security issues or bugs.

What To Do If You Need Help With Website Maintenance

While there are so many great WordPress themes and plugins that make using the platform great for your online presence, having a WordPress site typically requires some technical knowledge of website creation and website maintenance. We know that not all business owners and entrepreneurs have the time, personal skill set, or staff to dedicate to these important website efforts.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have several WordPress experts on staff. We can help you with all your WordPress maintenance and WordPress update needs, to make sure your site is safe from hackers, as bug-free as possible, and that you’re taking advantage of the latest WordPress themes and plugins.

Getting in touch with us for WordPress help and website maintenance is easy. Simply call us at (972) 464-2707, email us at,  or fill out our online contact form.

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