How Long Does it Take to Build a Basic Business Website

A Generalized Average of Web Projects


Whether you’re making a website for your business, blogging, or any other personal reason, it’s likely that you want to make it a hasty process. Let’s be honest, not one of us likes to mess around when we’re trying to achieve what we want. With that said, here is our best guess of an accurate concept-to-delivery estimate; though it must be said, it is difficult to gauge how long it should take to create a site–especially if it is your first one.

The Steps to Website Creation

Listen, I know that the heading says ‘basic’ but you need to remember that basic does not mean you can build a website instantly. If you need assistance getting the ball rolling, share your plans with our web design experts at Accunity, and allow them to come back to you with an estimated timeline, some expert advice, and the support of a solid, experienced development team. That should put your mind at rest.

This process is likely to take up to three weeks.

Discovering Your Needs and Formulating a Plan

Imagine you’re cooking up a storm at a summertime barbeque. If you know what you want to create and you have all of the ingredients, it should be simple enough to create a masterpiece.

So, for efficiency, you need to envision your end-goal: know what your site should look like and what elements it should include. See our article on the Web Design Discovery Process for an in-depth look at this process and all that it entails. If your plan is only half-cooked, our developers can work with you in an attempt to visualize exactly what you desire. If you already have a clear, concise plan, we can jump straight into development.

So, you know what you want to achieve and you’ve established a plan of action. Now it’s time to get designing. As soon as the designer has your approved plans, they’ll build a mockup model for you to review and amend to suit your needs; it’s like a full-color sketch, providing you with a detailed image of the end result.

This stage usually takes around six weeks.

Making the Magic Happen

Once you have approved the mockup design, the developer will then build a website, complete with functional links and navigation – bringing your site to life and making the magic happen. This should take roughly three weeks. And, of course, there’s always potential setbacks during this period – you may edit your original plan, or the developer may have destroyed his laptop with a spilled hot latte. Assume a month, therefore, just to be safe.

The Final Review

Once the developer has finished with your project it should go through a final round of revisions and approval. It’ll be pinged back over to you, and you’ll need to put on your analyst hat. Look at every aspect of the website and check that everything looks and works as it should, matching your original vision laid out in the planning stage. Remember, diligence during this review stage can and will save you time, money, and anguish if you require any modifications.

Don’t be surprised if there are corrections that need to be made, especially if your website is of a complicated nature. It doesn’t mean the team has done a bad job; on the contrary, changes are expected when it comes to web development. By the time the alterations are identified and made, another two weeks or so will likely have passed.

Summing it All Up

So, there we have it. It is safe to assume that building a website will take you, or your developer, anywhere between two to four months. This is how it breaks down: You will most likely take three weeks in “discovery” mode; another six weeks designing your web platform; followed by three weeks in preliminary development, and a further two weeks to make final modifications. When all is said and done, check out our Website Launch Checklist to ensure a smooth and fashionable rollout. And remember, if you are including content on your website – which, one can assume you would – get it started as soon as possible, or else you’ll have a pretty but empty website.

Supercharge Your Business

So let’s get the ball rolling. At Accunity, our technology and business experts can help you through each stage of the process. As a full service digital agency, we also provide digital support services such as digital marketing and strategic IT consulting. If you’re ready to jumpstart your business, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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