For the majority of writers, developing unique content can be simple but becomes crucial upon the successful acceptance by any famous blog, such as the blog by Accunity. While Accunity can provide you with the best guidelines for content development that are more likely to get your post accepted on any famous blog, greater emphasis has been given to the five building blocks of a successful guest post.guest-blogging-ideas1

This post not only helps you in just developing a unique and relevant piece of content for readers but it also guides you reaching the maximum probability of getting your content being accepted and published successfully.

Understanding guest blogging

As the name itself implies, guest blogging is actually sharing your unique piece of content on another blog – It allows guest writers to submit and spread the word of mouth for an ultimate mutual benefit, adding value to both the blogger and guest writer.

Guest blogging is far different from simply publishing your content onto your own WordPress-based blog. By bringing in the best possible mix of uniqueness and relevancy in the post, it eventually results in a win-win situation for both the writer and the blog.

How to become an influential and successful guest writer

You should also understand the basic difference between simply marketing your brand content by stuffing a number of keywords or links into your own website and determining unique, concrete, and highly resourceful content of value for readers.

For those with a clear objective of improving their website’s SEO performance, considering guest blogging as another primary source for gaining website hits could result in a nightmare because poor and irrelevant pieces of content are more likely to be rejected rather than accepted.

Benefits in developing strong business relationships

Guest writing is an effective way to promote your name, valued offerings, interest, and, through brilliant content curation, deliver results that help in gaining several long-term benefits:

  • Absolute reader engagement

indexGuest posting is one of the best resources for gathering both short-term and long-term followers. Typically the content attracts readers. And if you have the enthusiasm to reach more people and deliver the most relevant and interesting content, then sharing it through various social media platforms can bring a breakthrough in engaging loyal readers to your posts.


  • Developing strong identity


Every time you write a unique post, you add more value to your own identity. When you focus on a specific niche or segment of readers, you actually bring more credibility to your name, ultimately making it easier for readers to recognize you.

  • Going viral with the content

Viral Marketing - Word of Mouth

As you continue developing your identity, on top of the list of writers trending swiftly for their unique and relevant content, it actually starts yielding the real potential from the efforts you make. Posts that are in the best interest of readers motivate them to share your words with other like-minded people, especially on the various micro blogging platforms where Twitter could surprisingly become a wildfire.

  • Strengthening your network of people

banner_02-e1417668562179 Continually delivering unique and relevant pieces of content brings more people near you. When you are really good at content curation, famous and influential personalities of the niche you write for may transform into a strong network of followers and start promoting you and your offerings in their social and professional circles.

  • Link building


Guest writing does play a vital role in link building but should not be taken as a cursory source for that. Back links from the top-most blogs of your niche become a treasure for promoting your business website in a most effective and efficient way.