Wireframe Foundations: Getting a Grip on the Graphic Design Process

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Whether it’s an awakening of a new sketch or the revival of an old draft, having a graphic design process using a wireframe structure is key to keeping inspiration and function on the same page while bringing life to a new project. 

These steps are designed to contain a young fledgling project until it is ready to be released into the world. 

Discussion Destination 

Most of the time, clients want to stand out with eye-catching ideas. They’ve come to you in order to make that vision a reality. It is said that the secret to life is to question, and asking the right questions is essential. Drawn into the design process, wireframes enable you to obtain a clear picture of what your client wants. Unless you’ve been asked to color inside the lines, those pencils are encouraged to cross the lined borders. Get the answers you need to ensure you’ve got sharp clarity moving forward. 

Graphic Design Discipline 

The information you receive in the website design discovery meeting will serve as a foundation for the outline. Outlining the parameters in which creativity can flourish depends upon your questions. The better the questions and more solid the clarity, the easier the process will be. The goal of the outline is to soothe any of your client’s concerns.  

Distracted Sparks 

Now that you’ve got the guidelines in which you can color, it’s time to distract yourself. Take a day trip out on a train, wander through the artistic inspirations your city offers, read a book, take a nap and maybe your dreams will spark the creative key to unlock the potential of this particular design project. 

Dizzy with Creativity 

Using a wireframe, the next step is to funnel your creativity into a design mock-up. There is no doubt that this will only be your first draft, after which more will need to be tweaked. Feedback in the original stages is essential when creating a direction, one that is approved by the client can continually build momentum. 

Drown the Ego 

There is a strong possibility of the ego cropping up. Outtakes, cuts, and deletions all play their part in fine-tuning the project, so don’t get too attached to anything at this stage. In writing, you’re told to kill your darlings; translated into the design process, this is synonymous with drowning out your ego. Different projects might stimulate your ego in varying degrees; however, the end goal is that the project intent is honored and reflected in the final product. 

It is humbling to remember that you are only playing one of the instruments in this orchestra where the client is the conductor. The intent is to be there for the project which, in a sense, takes on a life of its own from inception.

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