Call-to-Action Examples For Top Converting Websites

Expert Tips for Call-To-Action

One of the most important aspects of any web page is how it captures leads and converts them to customers. Call-to-actions (CTA) are valuable components of any web page, and it’s instrumental towards getting web visitors to take action.

If you don’t have an effective CTA, you’ll proceed to lose qualified leads by the hour. Don’t limit the productivity of your web page because you’re not using the right CTA. Instead, we’ve compiled a few examples you can look at to get your marketing plan back on track.

Take a look at some top-converting websites with stellar CTAs you can choose from.

Evernote’s CTA

The traditional way of crafting a CTA is to create content that reinforces the sales points of your business. However, consumers notoriously have a reputation for skimming web pages and having a low attention span.

With that said, CTA has to be more than textual components. Here is a neat example from Evernote that shows that CTA doesn’t always have to contain textual information.


As you can see, the information on the right of the actual CTA shows how you can use Evernote to get important tasks done. Once you’re done reading, you can provide your contact information in the box on the left. 

This is a nifty example of how CTAs can be altered to yield qualified leads.

Dropbox’s CTA

One of the noticeable things about Dropbox is its glaring use of minimalism design. Dropbox uses a ton of whitespace on their whitespace, teaching others that it doesn’t matter to always fill up a website.

Likewise, Dropbox doesn’t have a complicated CTA to get its point across. Just take a look.

dropbox_ctaDropbox doesn’t rely on a ton of design and text to craft their CTA, and neither should you if your brand aligns within this style. 

OfficeVibe’s CTA

Many marketers make the mistake of creating thoughtful and complex CTAs that completely miss the mark. This is often brought about by the false teaching that CTAs should make web visitors stop in their tracks and pay attention.

If there were any indication that you should never follow this teaching, look at this CTA from OfficeVibe


Look at how simple this CTA is. It’s not intrusive, yet it provides all the information you need to subscribe to their newsletter. Not every CTA is designed to convert. Sometimes, the best ones are designed to generate sensitive information of a qualified lead and convert them at a later time.

Netflix’s CTA

If there is any deterrence from users signing up for anything, it’s the value users will get from giving you their email address or other information. Simply put, people usually wonder “what am I going to get out of this?”

Netflix’s CTA put these concerns to bed, as they have a “cancel anytime feature on their CTA”. As you can see, you can join Netflix for a month, and if you don’t like it within that span, you can cancel your membership at any time.


As you can see, you can join Netflix for a month, and if you don’t like it within that span, you can cancel your membership at any time.

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