Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP for short, is the embodiment of all aspects of business operations – from inventory management, to HR to customer relationship management and beyond. Until recently, ERP didn’t exist outside of the traditional office computer system network. And for good reason, this was the only place capable of storing its massive amounts of data and complex functionalities.

Thanks to advances in enterprise mobility, these barriers are being eliminated. Businesses now have the capabilities needed for mobile ERP, and are quickly realizing that confining data and other complex functions to their desktop computers is a hindrance rather than an advantage. In order to move forward, businesses must focus on the development of business mobile apps.

Consider for a minute the advantages of arming a sales representative with efficient access to mobile ERP through an already existing or newly developed business mobile app. This technology will provide him with valuable information on the product, the customer, the customer’s location, and anything else that he might need in order to perform his job to the best of his capabilities – without ever having to step foot inside the office.

Having mobile access to necessary company information delivers obvious benefits to enterprises. Here are the top four benefits of mobile ERP.

4 Benefits of Mobile Enterprise Resource Management

  1. Improved service quality:

In presenting mobile workers with real-time access to pertinent information, regardless of where they happen to be,      mobile ERP provides them with the tools they need to quickly answer questions and present customers with sales data and other information quickly. This method of enterprise mobility enables employees to quickly retrieve consumer data so that they can tailor their message (or sales pitch) to meet the unique person of the customer.

  1. Heightened productivity:

Given that employees can easily access business mobile apps while working remotely, the downtime often associated with travel is drastically reduced. Staff now have the capability to access every relevant business document or item that they might need to perform their job – regardless of where they happen to be.

  1. More accurate data capture:

Since every transaction can be executed, in real-time, via the mobile app, there is no need to remember information to enter into the office system later on. This greatly reduces data entry errors, resulting in budget optimization.

  1. Competitive advantage:.

Lastly, in having mobile access to complex processes, and affording this access to their staff, businesses are gaining a clear advantage over their competitors. Consumers regularly seek out relationships with the businesses that are most able to deliver quick, efficient and reliable service, and for the greatest value. Mobile ERP allows businesses to do just that by increasing productivity and customer service capabilities.

Has your business implemented mobile ERP yet? What gains have you seen? If not – what are you waiting for?