There is no denying that the decision to include mobile marketing as a part of your digital strategy is a good one. Advances in mobile technology, and the way we access data have led to the widespread belief that mobile marketing is the future of digital marketing. It has been reported that 4 out of 5 consumers utilize (or have utilized) their mobile device to shop. Based on this statement, if your business has not already begun to explore mobile app development, you are already losing business to your competition.

That being said, there is a lot more involved in enterprise mobility than simply creating a user-friendly mobile version of your current company website. Consumer and user personas are entirely different beats when it comes to mobile devices, and a lot of work goes into the development of a mobile operating system that is capable of meeting the unique demands and requirements of your business’s target demographics.

We’ve built a strong reputation around our ability to assist businesses in deploying successful mobile strategies and have acquired firsthand knowledge on how to properly merge multiple mobile apps and brands across many different industries. The most successful mobile apps take into account the following factors:

Voice and Tone

Your enterprise mobile app is a new and exciting place for your company and your target market to engage and interact, however, it shouldn’t be viewed as a separate entity from the rest of your social or marketing channels. The tone and voice used on your mobile app should echo that of the tone and voice used across all other channels, your website, and even premise-based marketing strategies. You need for your consumers to be able to quickly identify your brand – regardless of what channel they are using to interact with your company.

User Rewards or Incentives

If your consumers have taken the time to install and use your mobile app, your business should be prepared to reward them for their continued support. Providing user rewards not only positions you for future sales, but also increases the chance that they will tell others about their positive experiences. Customize mobile apps are a great way to enhance user experiences, why not leverage this by offering exclusive coupons, freebies or other perks to those who use them?

Don’t Release Your Mobile App too Early

By now, everyone knows that you only get one chance at a great first impression – this is especially true in the world of consumer engagement and mobile marketing. Granted, you may be excited to move towards mobile app users, and you may feel pressured to release this technology as quickly as possible, but be cautious about releasing your mobile app before it is ready. You need to consider the entire mobile app sales process – from first access to check out – in order to ensure that you are designing a mobile experience that is not only user-friendly but also meets demands of both the company and its customer base.

There is something to be said about working closely with experts in enterprise mobility, those who have gained experience in the development and deployment of highly customized mobile strategy so that you can create the best customer experience possible from launch.