2018 has come with a new shift in Digital Marketing. New vogues are penetrating in market space. For your company to create visibility and to generate more leads, the upcoming digital marketing elevations offer new techniques in emerging technologies as consumers demand a more integrated experience.

So let’s have a look at some of the Digital Marketing trends that are to be implemented in 2018 and in the near future.

1) Customer Journey:

You should have a true understanding of your customer journey although data-driven marketing is a powerful tool but will that data interpret with the journey of your customer? Certainly No! First strain the data to know where your customer is on every step of their purchasing path, figure out what implores them and design your marketing aura to hit them all along their journey.

2) Augmented Reality Fused Through Social Media:

Social Apps integrate better with Augmented Reality and on the other hand mobile devices has become more powerful.B rands and companies will use augmented reality to connect and engage to more customers for Branding, purchases & their behaviour. For example, Pokémon Go was a trailblazer with this idea. While Virtual Reality is more immersive, augmented reality provides more freedom to the user and more possibilities for marketers because it does not need to be a head-mounted display.

3) Professional Live Videos:

Live Videos will continue to be a trend in 2018 but not just a random live video but a professional live video. Many of the new companies have approached this trend following Facebook media – live video solutions, Live stream studio- live video production hardware and software and Vimeo live – professional live streaming for your next event.

Social media platforms are getting into professional live videos coming up with new unique features monthly to their platforms.  Live video is a great way to connect with your audience, and the shaky, holding-a-phone-in-your-hand live video won’t be acceptable anymore.

4) Sales Funnel to be personalized along all stages:

Ads and email that are impersonalized are going the way of the fax machine. It is becoming increasingly important for every interaction to be hyper-targeted and personalized which is more to be targeted in small medium enterprises controlled by CTO Services. Landing pages that are personalized should be connected to every one of your advertising campaigns as building personalized connections with prospects will be critical in 2018.

5) Native Advertising:

Companies seeking to enhance market reach, brand relevance and improve overall engagement can benefit greatly by implementing native advertising into their digital marketing strategy. Engaging with your audience by utilizing native language and your proprietary tools increase the opportunity to expand viral sharing and can lead to developing a more involved relationship with your target market