5 Ways To Play Your Best Digital Marketing Game And Maximize Your ROI from Google Ads

Expert Tips for Digital Marketers


First things first: Let’s look at what Google Ads is and why you should consider using it. Then we’ll tackle how to get the most out of it. Here are five strategies to maximize your Pay-Per-Click (PPC), your ROI (return-on-investment) and win!

Google Ads is the main, paid-for advertising service that displays your company’s ad on Google’s search engine SERPs. From these listed sites, people who are looking for your services will, ideally, click through, arrive on your site’s landing page, and then “convert” their interest into a sale of your product or services. Basic conversion rates across all industries sit at 0.77% for display ads and 3.75% for searches. And, of course, everyone wants to maximize their PPC wherever possible.

The cost of each click-through is determined by the actual ‘ad-word’ and not all are equal. For any niche, there is a range of keywords that can be bought and they each have their price.

So, what can you do to maximize traffic to your site and generate conversions? After all, you had to pay to get them there. Now you want them to spend their time and their money with you.

Time Out


A sales tactic that applies just as much here as in any “physical” market is the use of ‘time,’ or more specifically, time-specific events. 

Google Ads can strategically switch from a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) campaign to a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) campaign during holiday and seasonal peaks, ensuring that the frenzy of sales and internet activity, say during Black Friday or Thanksgiving, will maximize your outlay on these high-traffic days. 

Creating a level of urgency in your marketing campaigns with limited bonuses or products and time-sensitive offers can work hand-in-hand with this tactic to great effect.

Google (Ads) Loves You


We all know that great user experience design (UX) and user interface design (UI) are key to keep users happy and encourage a return engagement. However, it is essential to remember that Google wants to join the party as well. 

For those who make a serious effort with their websites, Google Ads sells its Ads on a sliding scale–the better optimized a site is for the user, the lower the pricing on the Google Ads for that site. Likewise, the more unsatisfactory the experience, the more expensive the Ads. Satisfaction comes down to loading speed, great navigation and content, desktop and mobile accessibility, and, as mentioned, UX. Get your site as UX friendly as possible and Google will help you lower your costs and improve your ROI.

Bid Smart, Not Budget Down


Decreasing the budget of a particular campaign may seem like a good idea, but STOP! Let the algorithms do the leg work. Return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) are targeted strategies which will automate your bidding as needed, removing the need to decrease that potential spend and making your financial outlay work smarter for you.

The Personal Touch


Aligning your landing page to a specific ad campaign might sound obvious, but personalization has been shown to be a major driving factor in UX, customer satisfaction, and therefore, conversion into action. Creating a custom experience from effective keyword targeting will ensure that the right people–those who are actually interested in what you are offering–will reach your page. To optimize the landing page, limit the content to a single offer, present clear and concise copy, and reduce the navigation to create a dead-end leading to conversion. Great digital marketing will always win.

Eliminate the Negative?


Actually, it’s the reverse. The use of keywords is the power behind this particular service, but an often under-rated aspect is the use of ‘negative’ keywords. A negative keyword tells Google search engines to not display your page when certain words are used. Because, driving the wrong sort of user through your site with no intention to convert is a waste of money for you and a waste of time for them, resulting in dissatisfaction all around. However, if you are savvy and use this feature to ensure that only the right, willing people arrive at your door then there is a much better chance of increasing your Google Ads ROI.

Game, Set, and Match!


As with all things tech, the importance of using the various analytics available to continually assess and test your ROI, and updating your processes is essential. Utilizing all of the strategies will build upon each other, strengthening your position and maximizing your Ads investment. Trends and metrics change fast and keeping on top of all these targets will ensure that you maximize your ROI from your Google Ads outlay and stay at the very top of your digital marketing game.

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