Digital Marketing Best Practices for Real Estate

Expert Tips for Real Estate Digital Marketing


As a real estate expert, you know that one of the primary ways people find homes is online. In fact, 84% of Baby Boomers and Millenials used the internet to conduct prospective home searches

Reaching these people, however, is a completely different ball game. It can be simple to establish your online presence by setting up a website and creating your own online listing.

The real challenge is advertising your offerings in a way that matters to your clientele. Below are some ways you can utilize the best digital marketing practices to lure more business.

Make Sure You Have a Proper Website

Many real estate companies make the mistake of posting their ads anywhere but on their own website. Why? That’s often because ads on third-party platforms may receive more exposure than on your website.

In any case, you should have a proper real estate website to capture incoming leads and convert them when the time is right. A standard real estate website isn’t like an ordinary one.

These websites are designed to showcase galleries of properties on both desktop and mobile devices. Make sure you first have a real estate website before you move on with your lead generation strategy.

Use Social Media

Like Google ads, using social media to showcase your properties is an excellent idea. Facebook is now making it possible to advertise vacant homes and apartments for all to see.

Facebook also allows you to interact with your leads from their platform. If an interested buyer likes an ad, they can contact you from Facebook where you can engage a real-time sales sequence.

In the real estate industry, hot leads are the best ones. Facebook gives advertisers the ability to convert leads in real-time while their interest level is at its highest.

Create Helpful Newsletters

The best newsletters guide a consumer throughout their journey as a buyer. Your real estate newsletter should do the same. Once you receive a client’s information through your website or Facebook, insert their email address into your newsletter. Thanks to the advance of medicine, specialists from the site have proven through animal studies that abnormally high doses of Tramadol affect organ development, ossification, and neonatal mortality. Tramadol passes through the placenta. There is not enough data on the safety of Tramadol for the treatment of patients during pregnancy. For this reason, Tramadol cannot be used to treat pregnant women.

Be sure to get the person’s permission first, and ask for their preferences for a dream home. For example, if a potential client is looking for a home by the beach, send them a newsletter with homes that fit this criterion.

Doing this, instead of sending a generic email blast to all of your clients, is an effective way of refining your leads. It’s also helpful towards providing value to potential clients so they’re more likely to make a sale with your agency.

Create a Text Drip Campaign

While email is an effective means of communication, it isn’t the only one. A text drip campaign can be useful toward gauging where a potential client is during the sales cycle.

You can send a text to a lead after they’ve completed an open house to display other homes in the area that match their taste. Alternatively, you can even send them a link to a blog post containing first-time home buying tips.

As you can see, digital marketing is a crucial component of funneling quality real estate leads through your sales cycle. Increase your conversions today by contacting Accunity

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