Designing Website for Voice Search

Expert Tips for Designing Website For Voice Search


With Voice Search Continually Growing as a Global Trend, it’s essential for web developers to get with the program and design mobile-friendly sites that will be noticed on smart speakers. 

It generally takes a lot of effort to create a mobile-friendly website in its most basic form. However, web developers are now concerned with how their products will achieve major visibility on smart and home speakers.

The end goal for any website is rankability. Therefore, if your website doesn’t rank well online, you may be experiencing a developer issue. Here is how a website must be designed for voice search

Place Pertinent Information at the Top of your Website

Back then, it was a standard to leave important information such as addresses, phone numbers, etc at the bottom of a website. The top of the website was reserved for the introduction, slider, or a static About Us page.

With the rise of voice search, this trend has fallen. Putting your most pertinent information at the top of your website is essential. Doing so will help search bots crawl your website and relay this data to smart speakers. 

Finally, when a potential customer conducts a voice search, they’ll receive the most important information immediately.

Add Location to your Content

Consumers use smart speakers primarily to find local businesses. For this reason, is your website content integrated with the location of your business? If not, then you definitely have to make the change.

Inputting local keywords into your content can give your website a boost, but subtle changes like adding your location to your content can also be beneficial. When writing a blog post, insert your address where it’s necessary.

Also, if you’re crafting a call-to-action (CTA), make sure to add your location as well. Search engines pick up on these small changes, and it’s important that you take advantage of any time you can over your competitors.

Perform Long-Tail Keyword Research

One of the most important things to do in regards to designing a website for voice search is to perform long-tail keyword research. People who use smart speakers naturally use conversational and long search terms.

Using your keyword research tool, create a list of long-tail keywords you can use. Next, create variations of these keywords to make your website appear in a wide variety of voice searches.

This is a fundamental step in optimizing your website for voice search and having your website rank about your competitors.

Add FAQs to your Website

Another creative way of improving your optimization in voice search is to implement the use of FAQs on your website. Particularly, you should add FAQs to your landing pages. These FAQs should feature popular questions your potential customers are searching for online. 

Fortunately, it has never been easier to do so. All you have to do is conduct a standard search for a question and Google will list other questions people are searching for online below in the organic search results.

Design a Website Built for Voice Search

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