How to Design a Video Game



Creating a video game takes a tremendous amount of time, money, and resources. However, it is possible for ordinary individuals to undertake their own video game projects. 

Often, aspiring video game designers are disillusioned with the correct procedures on planning and executing successful video game development. Familiarizing yourself with what it takes to create a quality video game will be instrumental in the long run as you strive to complete your custom project.

Fortunately, if you put forth the effort and constantly educate yourself, building your own video game can be a relatively straightforward process if you invest your own resources. Here is how you can design the custom video game of your dreams. 


Creating a video requires an extensive planning process. Even the most successful video game studio spends several months, and even years, to develop the plot, NPCs, etc. 

If you don’t plan both the major and minor aspects of your video, you’re planning to fail from the start. A universal document video game studios use to plan video games is a Game Design Document (GDD).

This document entails all of the aspects of a video game, from the main plot to the artistic influences of sprites. As you can imagine, a GDD is a very comprehensive document. In many cases, it can exceed 50 pages or be even longer.

Completing this document is the most essential step toward creating a visual roadmap that will guide you throughout your project’s development.

Getting Your Team Together

Building a video game takes more than one person. If you plan on undertaking a successful video game project, you’ll need to gather a team of like-minded professionals. 

You’ll really need a programmer, game designer, concept artist, musician, and sprite artist for your project. You’ll likely also need the cooperation of voice actors and 3D artists for more in-depth projects.

Finding the right team members can be challenging, as you’ll need to only hire individuals who are reliable, trustworthy, and enthusiastic about your project. Luckily, there are countless online video game development forums that will allow you to post an ad for professionals.

In this ad, you can narrow down your search as you please. Finally, make sure you conduct an elaborate interview process to avoid wasting your time and money on the wrong people.

Gather Your Resources

Once you onboard your new team members, it’s now time to procure the resources you’ll need to start your project. Firstly, you’ll need to use some sort of task management system.

This application will help you strategically keep track of important assignments. Next, a standard messaging app, like Discord, should be considered to communicate with your team members.

Lastly, you should think long and hard about the engine you’ll use. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars coding your game from scratch, relying on a commercial video game engine is your best option.

There are numerous 2D and 3D video game engines you can purchase online. Though, make sure to choose one your team members are familiar with.


As you can see, designing a video game is a complicated process. It does require significant time, money, and resources to pull off. 

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