In today’s digitally-connected world, you would be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t active on at least one social media network – contemporary relationships are increasingly popular. Gone are the days where consumers are satisfied with one directional advertising or sleazy sales tactics. Modern shoppers seek out value-ads, free content, and easy purchases as well as ways to communicate with their favourite brands via social media.

Online connections and the relationships built are most often what drives today’s purchasing decisions. The ability of a company to engage with its followers is what builds real customer loyalty. And, when used appropriately, what turns a regular customer into a brand ambassador who shares their experiences and introduces new customers to the brand.

With so much opportunity lying in wait, it is essential for businesses to leverage every single chance they have to develop or strengthen relationships with the customer base and their online followers. On the single most effective means of enhancing customer loyalty is via mobile app development.

Just about everyone you meet has a smartphone of some sort, it only makes sense that businesses would harness this in their marketing. Through mobile app development, businesses are not only giving themselves a fresh way of reaching their audience, but they are also ensuring that their brand stays relevant in the minds of consumers, Here are a few tips to consider when developing an app that drives customer loyalty.

  1. Make it personal. Mobile apps, when developed properly, present businesses with invaluable information about their target market. The information they can use to create the most authentic user experience possible! The more intone a customer feels with your brand, the more likely they are to champion your brand to others. This might be achieved through the use of targets coupons or specials, a points system, or even using geo-tracking to send out information based on where they are.
  2. Incorporate valuable features.
    Remember, apps must add value and eliminate challenges. The more value your app adds to your customers, the greater the chance that they will continue to use it. While developing your mobile app, remember to include a set of features that will appeal to your target user group.
  1. Deliver superior customer service.
    Your app should be developed in such a way that allows it to function seamlessly, however, in the event that some sort of problem does arise, or even if a customer just needs help using it, you need to ensure that your customer service team is capable of providing quick and efficient support.

Keeping these three tips in mind during mobile app development can help you create an app that encourages frequent interaction, makes users feel a real connection to your company, and in the end, inspires customer loyalty.