A CTO is a Custom Technology Officer – know what a CTO does, why it’s important to use one, and your options in obtaining a CTO.

How a CTO helps to grow your business

A CTO is a Chief Technology Officer, a resource dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses to design, implement, measure, and maintain critical technology systems that ensure optimal functioning – and maximum value.

Why a CTO is important

Do you have a small or medium-sized business? Then you for certain have (or need to have) important technology systems in place that function well to serve your needs, and with someone who knows how to ensure the systems’ optimal functioning – continually. The CTO should be able to constantly address technology management for your organization.

Why technology management?

Your CTO needs to discuss your business needs, provide technical advice to increase your company awareness, identify the scope and types of available technology, recommend technology to meet your needs, provide your company with technology implementation advice, and then implement the technology along with policies and procedures to keep it functioning well.

The CTO should educate employees on effective use of the chosen technology and provide ongoing technology analysis and monitoring. Technology management should include:

Productivity analysis
Vendor evaluation
Technology assessment

How to obtain an expert CTO

Understandably, many companies have neither the resources nor the experience to provide needed technology advice. It’s often just not practical to add full-time CTO assistance into the budget.

Another option includes selecting an expert technology company with experienced people who can come alongside to answer your technology questions, provide valued advice, and help you to grow your business using today’s technology.

You need to find someone who knows the technology well, at least as well as you know your own business. Try custom CTO services from a technology company who can provide just the needed technology services when, and for what, you will need them. And then be your watchdog to carefully look out for you to avoid pitfalls and suggest opportunities.

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