Want to Reach Your Audience? Focus on Cross-Platform App Development!

Do you know your target market? Have you taken steps to ensure that you are marketing to the demographics of your audience? Who are you speaking to; Baby-Boomers? Gen-X? Perhaps you even market to multi-generations but choose to segment your marketing strategies in order to increase the likelihood that you are delivering the right message across by Cross-Platform App Development.

Regardless of who your audience is, and how you choose to market to them, there is a good chance that you know something about what interests them and what their typical behavioral patterns are and that you’ve used this data to customize your marketing strategy. And, while you are wise to tailor your communications based on the personalities of your consumers, there are some very broad assumptions about various generations that don’t often hold much merit.

An example of this is the type of smartphone and OS that each generation favors. The common belief is that the younger crowd prefer more cost-efficient devices, with Android operating systems, while the mature consumer gravitates towards the ease-of-use and dependability of the iPhone.

Surprisingly, the research proves otherwise. An overwhelming number of those aged 48 to 57 prefer Android devices to their iPhone counterparts. In fact, 47% of those surveyed indicated Android as their OS of choice – more than any other generation. I am suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. While tried numerous medicines, nothing helped me the way Modafinil did. After a monthly treatment of 200mg per day, I feel much active. Moreover, I got rid of trouble focusing and can get back to my job. Very satisfied with the result.

The research tells us that Baby Boomers prefer Android, whereas Gen-X really has no preference. Meaning that anyone targeting Baby Boomers only through iPhone apps are missing the mark, and those targeting Gen-X only through Android apps, are missing a great opportunity.

Now, more than ever, it makes sense to adopt the concept of cross-platform app development instead of focusing efforts entirely on a single OS.

By embracing cross-platform app development for their mobile apps, businesses will be able to connect with a much broader audience and one fell swoop. And, as an added benefit, cross-platform development is more affordable and quick to go-to-market than developing an app for each OS separately.

There are many other benefits to cross-platform app development, also. After the app has been designed, portions of the code that was used to create it can be re-used for future app development, substantially reducing development time and cutting costs. Furthermore, since these types of apps are web-based, they can instantly be added to the cloud for hosting.

In the big picture, cross-platform apps are the soundest choice for reaching your audience and increasing ROI.