Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Expert Tips for Content Marketers


You have heard it all before: “Content is King.” But what does that really mean? And how do you apply content marketing to your small business? What is content marketing?

These are all essential questions to look at before you start spending your hard-earned money on a content marketing strategy and we explain why you need to look at content marketing as a way to improve your company’s reach. 

What is Content Marketing?

When you hear the word “content”, you probably think of blogs and groan at the thought of having to produce regular pieces for your websites. But blogs are only one part of the story. 

Content marketing involves building a strategy where everything you produce on your website, social media, and anywhere else online is connected. It helps your current and potential clients see you as reliable and as a leader in your industry. 

It also helps keep your brand in front of people, reminds them of your products or services, and can build a relationship that will lead to more sales. 

So yes, it can involve blogs, ebooks, and articles being written regularly, but the gain outweighs the pain in the long term. The content you create truly is King when it comes to bringing in customers. Make attention-grabbing content, engage your audience, and you will be unstoppable. 

Why use Content Marketing?

As mentioned above, content marketing can help build a relationship, open lines of communication, and propel your business to thought-leader status. 

Whilst these are all very laudable and desirable outcomes, the bottom line for your business is to find customers and make money. Content marketing aids with this objective by advertising your company without using an advertisement. We are all sick of seeing advertisements pop-up while surfing online, so why invest in expensive ads when you can create articles that achieve the same aims? 

According to Demand Metric, “70% of people would rather learn about a company through an article over any kind of advertisement.” They also found that custom content leads to 82 percent of customers feeling more positive towards a company. If those statistics don’t make you want to focus on content, then nothing will! 

Get consumers to sign up for blogs, free ebooks, and articles, or enter their details in forms and your business can build up a database of potential sales. When you have a new product, an event or a special offer, you have a ready-made list of people to inform. 


For your company to reach a bigger audience, your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game must be on point. To rank highly in search engines such as Google and Bing, you need to produce consistent, high-quality and relevant content. 

Combined with backlinks (which should naturally occur as your content is shared) and carefully chosen keywords, you should place high on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and viewed by more people. 

Yes, it does take an effort to create content that sells your brand, but the ROI is well worth it. If creating the content yourself is not something you have the time or resources to do, contact us at Accunity to discuss our content marketing services. Then sit back and watch your small business grow. 

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