Common Mobile App Features



Have you ever wondered what makes some mobile apps wildly successful, while others get lost amongst a sea of competitors in the App Store or Google Play? Believe it or not, there are certain app features you can implement when in the app development process for an iOS app or Android app that increase the likelihood your app will be adopted, rated, and shared by word of mouth.

To help you best plan your mobile apps when you’re in the app development process, here’s a list of must-have app features.

  • Make Super Easy to Use Mobile Apps

If you’re in the app development process, especially if you’re creating both an iOS app and an Android app, you have to keep in mind that your mobile apps will be used on devices of varying sizes. Therefore, you want to maximize your app’s interface and make it extremely easy to use – whether it’s being used on an older, smaller iPhone or a larger, brand new iPad Pro.

You also want to make sure that the workflow for your app is easy and makes sense to the average user. This is why working so hard with your app development team on specifications and wireframes is so important. Hammering out these details before code is written helps ensure you have mobile apps that are aesthetically pleasing, simple to use, and therefore, easier to spread like wildfire.

  • Make Mobile Apps That Encourage Ratings and Feedback

Some app users know they need an app to complete a task, but they don’t have a specific app in mind. This is why asking for app ratings and feedback natively within your app is so important.

Most people who use mobile apps, even those who use mobile apps they can’t live without, won’t go to the App Store or Google Play to rate or leave feedback on their beloved app on their own. Put if you place periodic notifications in your app to request a rating and feedback, users are more likely to take the time to complete this quick task. And as we all know, social proof like high ratings and positive feedback motivates today’s technology users to download mobile apps.

  • Use Push Notifications Effectively in Your Mobile Apps

One of the best app features you can use in iOS apps and Android apps are push notifications. But keep in mind, more isn’t necessarily the merrier.

You should work with your app development team to carefully plan out strategic push notifications – such as gifts, promotions, or special offers – to gently remind users they have your mobile apps on their devices and encourage them to use those mobile apps more often. And as we all know, when a user has a mobile app they love, they’re more likely to spread the word about that iOS app or Android app via word of mouth.

  • Make Updating Your App a Priority

App development isn’t a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process and you should strategically plan to update your app periodically, both with bug and usability fixes as well as new app features.

Updating your app regularly keeps your app up fresh and new. And sometimes, updating your app regularly means you should introduce a separate, related app with a new twist. Need proof? Just think about how the Angry Birds franchise has remained relevant for a decade – and turned into a licensing and media & entertainment phenomenon – by regularly releasing new apps based on the original mobile game.

Our App Development Team Can Help You Create These Must-Have App Features

Do you have an idea in mind for creating mobile apps, but need an app development team? We can help! Our team of iOS app developers and Android app developers know all about how to incorporate these app features that increase the likelihood your app idea will turn into a successful product.

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