The benefits of cloud hosting are far-reaching. In fact, there is much to be gained for businesses electing to host their enterprise mobile apps in the cloud. Not only is hosting in the cloud a safe and mobile way to run in-house mobile apps, but it also offers serious cost savings potential. If implemented properly, hosting mobile apps in the cloud is the safest and most reliable option for businesses for a number of reasons.

System Backup and Easy Recovery
Since storage space in the cloud is virtually unlimited, there is little risk of consuming all available data or having to continually upgrade. Furthermore, system backup and storage in the cloud is far less complex and resource intensive than it is in a traditional hard disc scenario. Data recovery in the cloud can be performed almost instantly and the cloud can handle increases in app usage that might otherwise cause a traditional server to crash.

Increased Efficiency, Decreased Costs
Hosting in the cloud completely eradicates the need for a physical server, and any of the maintenance or upgrade requirements that come with it. Instead, the hosting provider assumes responsibility for any of the repairs or routine maintenance needed to keep everything operating optimally. For a reduced rate, your business gains the advantage of having access to stronger resources, a faster server, and a team of experts.

True Flexibility and Accessibility
Accessing information stored in the cloud is far simpler. Not just while at the office, but virtually from anywhere you happen to be – provided Internet connectivity is available. This means that your staff can break from phone lines and other restrictions and work from wherever they happen to be.

Is Data Stored in the Cloud Secure?
The concept of data security is brought up often when discussing cloud services, and businesses are right to be concerned – especially with recent trends in BYOD. While it is possible for potential security issues to come from employees being given the freedom to run enterprise mobile apps on their own smartphones and other personal devices, with a properly implemented security strategy, the risks are drastically reduced.