One of the leading reasons why business mobile apps are gaining such traction is because they help companies to significantly streamline daily operations and also have been proven to increase efficiencies across the board. In the majority of cases, a well thought out business mobile app will take complex, in-house processes and make them available on a mobile platform, all the while simplifying the process for employees on-the-go.

Simply put, your company mobile app should serve the purpose of identifying and solving the most important mobile requirements of your staff. As such, it is crucial to identify what exactly these needs might be prior to jumping full speed into the development process.

Leading Business App Features

In order to help you better determine what to include in your business mobile app, here is a list of the top leading business mobile app features.

  1. Sync and Share

Not only should your business mobile app provide employees, both inside and outside of the office, with access to important files and documents that they need to conduct regular business, it should also provide them with safe and secure ways to share this data.

  1. Collaboration Tools

If your business regularly uses collaborative tools to aid employees in working together, or maybe for conducting conferences or to allow for multi-departmental project teams it would be wise to integrate collaboration tools into your mobile app.

  1. Access To Email, Calendars and Contact Lists

Email is, without a doubt, the most important tool that an employee uses on a daily basis. Whether this is used to connect with teammates, connect with clients or for other means of communicating, there is no questioning why email access is one of the single most asked for features of a business mobile app. However, it shouldn’t stop there. In addition to accessing emails, employees should also have access to calendars, contact information and more.

  1. Web Conferencing

For employees working outside of the physical office location – or even those working across multiple locations or even geographic regions – the ability to connect is invaluable. Unlike standard teleconferencing, web conferencing allows for use of collaborative tools, file sharing, video chats and so much more.

  1. Secure Browser

Whichever platform you choose to build your mobile app around, it is imperative to ensure that safety and security are given the highest consideration. When it comes to your corporate data, and the privacy of your employees and consumers, there is no point in taking risks.