What is branding, and why is it important for your company?

Simply, branding is a representation of who you are. But, like us complex humans, branding also involves many aspects that work together to provide the total picture, so it needs to be done thoughtfully and correctly. Some branding questions about your company, product, and service, according to Entrepreneur Magazine, are:

  • Are you innovative or experienced?
  • Do you offer a certain cost range?
  • What is the value, and where do your products or services fit in?

Key components to consider, identify

  • Who is your buyer? How do you define your buyer persona?
  • Do you have a logo, defined voice, tagline, and consistent standards?
  • Have you defined a workable brand strategy for communication?
  • What is your company all about? What value does your product or service offer?
  • What is the usability of your website (if you have one)?

Look through the eyes of your buyer

Are you familiar with the brand “Kate Spade?” If so, what immediately comes to mind? (Solid luxury, perhaps). Well, what about Frances Valentine?” (Frances who?) Yep – the real Kate Spade sold her business and name brand, so she’s now working to reinvent herself and is starting over with her name recognition, according to The Wall Street Journal on Aug 23, 2016. If consumers begin to connect the two, then Frances Valentine will have reinvented her brand. But what if you are starting totally from scratch, or (perhaps harder) trying to solidify a reputation into your existing brand?

Get answers here – Accunity can help define your branding

What comes to mind when hearing about your own company, your products or services? Do you want to lead the pack or follow the herd? What really do you want your buyer persona to think of when thinking of you? Does your web design convey all that it should? What about your brand development agency? It’s important to address:

Unity of action with web projects that work

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