Has your business made the move towards adopting enterprise mobility? Continue reading to learn why having a private app store will benefit your company.

After developing your own mobile app, the last thing that your business must consider is how to make this app accessible to your employees. What will bring you the best results; placing your app on an existing app store, like Google Play, or developing your own private app store? While there are obvious advantages and disadvantages to both, private app store’s offer complete control and deliver many great benefits for business. Here are six reasons why.

6 Benefits of a Private App Store

  1. Private app stores are customized to include only company-approved or developed apps.

Whenever your employees need to download a business mobile app, sending them to a public app store could lead to confusion or the temptation to download unapproved material. Unapproved apps might lead to distraction, wasted time, or could even leave private company information open to security threats.

  1. Private app stores ensure all employees have the latest versions.

Having a private app store means having complete control and ensuring that the apps available are always up-to-date and the most recent versions. Larger app stores might not be as quick to update versions, or could even house multiple versions at once, making it difficult for employees to tell which version is correct.

  1. Private app stores provide security.

Bringing app management in house, through a private app store, means that unauthorized apps or content are never stored. This means that there will never be any worries about viruses or malicious material making it into company devices.

  1. Private app stores allow deeper access to user behaviour data.

Private app stores present businesses with the ability to take a multi-tiered approach to user behaviour analysis. Rather than only collecting data after the app has been downloaded, enterprises can begin to collect and analyze data while the end-user is still in the app store.

  1. Private app stores encourage employee adoption.

Private app stores can be tailored to mimic the look and feel of the company. Making it look like a familiar place for employees, increasing the likelihood of adoption and strengthening brand recognition.

  1. Private app stores allow for customization.

This is especially beneficial to companies with BYOD policies or programs. Having a private app store means being able to control and customize everything from the look and feel, all the way down to the type of device permitted to download an app, how often an app can be downloaded, under what conditions and so on.