Building business apps involve a process and oftentimes it is more efficient and less expensive to outsource than to manage the development yourself. Many businesses try to keep the development in-house and the effort starts well. Where things generally go south is when they neglect to calculate the time and resources involved in making feature updates, installing security features and functionality adjustments based on user engagement. Even the largest companies opt to hire outside expertise to fill in knowledge gaps when appropriate. Another place that internal teams fall short is in the process of planning for routine updates to the operating systems that run our mobile devices.

If you elect to design your app in-house, these are functions that you (or your technology team) would be responsible for facilitating. One of the key benefits of outsourcing app development is leveraging the ongoing support to ensure that you are receiving the most value from your mobile application.

Here are some of the key things that you should expect when you outsource your business app development.

  1. Regular App Updates

    Perhaps your business contact information has changed? Maye it has become necessary to add a new page to cover new products or service offerings? A successful mobility strategy includes regular and routine updating of your business mobile app, including making changes to content, editing products, creating coupons, etc.

  1. Cloud Hosting

    Working with an outsourced app development team means having access to enterprise cloud hosting and the latest and greatest technology available. As a result, you will benefit from limitless media storage, a secure server, auto-scaling, increased privacy and enhanced security.

  1. Security

    Even though the benefits of enterprise mobile strategies are well known, there are still concerns about security – as should be expected when taking sensitive information and making it available online via a mobile device. It is crucial that you have a comprehensive mobile security strategy. Your outsourced provider should provide ongoing security support – no exceptions, This means that if a device is stolen or an employee leaves the company, the data on the device can be wiped or protected.

  1. Analytics

    A huge part of having enterprise mobile is to the ability to retrieve data and then to use the data gathered to further enhance your business. It is paramount that you continually rely on business mobile analytics to learn more about behavior patterns. Many of the leading app development packages include ongoing analytics like data mining, data collection, predictive analysis and more.

If you are trying to make a decision between adding a qualified software expert to lead your in-house team or fully outsourcing the app development project, let’s talk! We’ll help you fully understand the value of outsourcing your technology needs and discuss the benefits of having ongoing professional support.

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